From Kitten to Cat

CAT-ONE is a further development of the original Take Control project, started in conjunction with Warwickshire country council, and then adopted by Worcestershire, Herefordshire and Shropshire councils, and funded by the department for transport.

The idea emanated by 90-ONE Education company founder Trevor Lord who has vast experience (and trophies) in motorcycle race and track riding at places like Brandshatch. Linking this with the knowledge from working at such places as the National motor Museum Beaulieu, and latterly moving to the Heritage Motor Centre as Academic Services Manager where he received a Prince Michael of Kent road Safety Award in 1993 for his work in this field.

The founding of 90-ONE Education by Trevor Lord in 2003 required motorcycle training and education staff of a very specific caliber and experience. Only with the rather unique skill set, honed and developed could the concept of Take Control project be born.

This nationally acclaimed project evolved into the CAT-ONE training concept we see today. As with all things dynamic, the progression continues.