Frequently asked Questions

Q What is the price / cost of your motorbike training courses?
A This depends on the course in questions. See the course enquiry page for pricing and costs of CAT-ONE motorcycle training courses
Q How many people are on each motorcycle training course?
A We work on a maximum ration of 3 motorcycle riders taking advanced motorcycle training to each qualified motorcycle instructor. The 125 Enhanced course can be run with a maximum of 4 learner motorcyclists to each approved and fully qualified DSA instructor.
Q Do you offer one to one (1-2-1) advanced motorcycle training?
A Yes this can be arranged, (see Bespoke course) however pricing you find on the enquiry page for other couses is based on the ratios given in the answer to the previous question. Please enquire using the CAT-ONE training enquiry page, state you are looking for one on one motorcycle training and we can talk through your specific motorcycle training requirements.
Q Where is the location of your CAT-ONE motorcycle training school?
A Most courses start and end at a convenient / central location based on the motorcycle riders on the course. The 125 Enhanced courses start and end either in Northampton or Coventry. (See 90-ONE Education's web site). Corporate courses start and end at the company / motorcycle club / organisations premises.
Q Can I get cheap motorbike insurance or an insurance cost discount by taking a CAT-ONE Advanced course?
A Some insurance companies will accept CAT-ONE advanced training to provide a reduction in motorcycle insurance premiums or offer a discount on the motorbike insurance premium.
Q Do I get a certificate to show I have taken advanced training?
A Upon request we can supply a certificate confirming attendance and completion of a CAT-ONE Advanced motorcycle training course.
Q Based on the ďAdvanced motorcycle riding courseĒ page there seems to be a lot of items you cover in one day. Can you cover them all in sufficient detail?
A Probably not. We tend to focus on the requirements of the riders on the advanced motorcycle riding course. This means everyone on the advanced motorcycle training course can optimise their skills in specific areas. It is better to cover some select motorcycle riding areas well than many badly. Cornering springs to mind as an area most motorcycle riders seek to improve their skills.
Q I want to improve my cornering skills will a track day be better training for me?
A Track days improve your understanding and skills in machine control. However the motorcycling skill obtained on track days are for motorcycle race circuits and tracks only. If you want to ride fast on a motorcycle race track go on a track day. If you want to ride smoothly, quickly, progressively and safely on the national road network, you need attend an advanced motorcycling course.
Q Why donít track days benefit road rider?
A Track days are simply that. Extremely limited skills required executed very well in a safe environment. They donít cover riding a motorbike on the roads. We did not intent offence, it simply depends where you want to ride a motorcycle as to which type of course would be best suited to you.

During your time on a track day, let us know if any of the following are covered
  • Have a bus or truck coming the other way
  • Painted white lines (in all the wrong places)
  • Drains, access covers, roadworks, traffic lights, etc
  • Large potholes, broken or subsiding surface,
  • Never repeat the same corner twice
  • Diesel spills
  • Roundabouts
  • Road signs
  • Mud on the road
  • Traffic jams
  • Barbed wire fence on steel poles at the corner apex
  • An idiot in a white van on a cell phone !
  • A tractor with a plough coming the other way over a blind crest
    Etc. etc.
Q What qualifications do your motorcycle instructors have?
A See the About page.
Q Will my riding benefit from more than a single days advanced motorcycle training?
A Certainly, subsequent CAT-ONE advanced training days will simply build on previously acquired skills, and go into more detail on areas not previously covered to any great extent. Thereís always more to learn and perfect.
Q When do you run the advanced motorcycle training courses?
A Most of the year weather permitting.
Q Will a CAT-ONE Advanced course help me with my IAM or ROSPA advanced training?
A Yes, CAT-ONE courses are based on expanded Roadcraft techniques, which is the basis for most advanced motorcycle training courses. However, please advise us if you are taking other advanced motorcycle training, we would not want to cover advanced motorcycle riding techniques which other organisations are not expecting to see in their advanced motorcycle riders.
Q Will the 125 Enhanced course prepare me for my DSA progressive access motorcycle test?
A Yes & No. Our professionally fully qualified DSA instructors are experts at teaching exactly what is required for the DSA progressive access motorcycle test. Unlike a motorcycle training school like 90-ONE rider Education we will not be spending hours practicing whatís required (We will teach you what to do, and can practice in your own time.) Also we canít sit your theory test for you (Although advice and assistance can be given).
Q I have a couple of questions about the 125 progressive access test, will one of you instructors answer them for free?
A Probably, our professional team are keen to assist every way (even for free in their own time) See the ASK A RIDING QUESTION on the contacts page (FREE no registration required).
Q I have a couple of questions about the advanced motorcycle riding, will one of you instructors answer them for free?
A Probably, our professional team are keen to assist every way (even for free in their own time) See the ASK A RIDING QUESTION on the contacts page (FREE no registration required).
Q Whatís the difference between the DSA Enhanced Rider Scheme from my local motorcycle training school and a CAT-ONE Advanced course?
A Enhanced Rider Scheme is conducted by experienced basic motorcycle instructors and is for the basic riding system, it assesses / improves your competence and proficiency as a basic motorcycle rider.
The CAT-ONE Advanced training is based on the advanced motorcycle riding system used by professional motorcycle riders like the police. You need to be a proficient basic motorcycle rider to begin to learn the vast array of advanced motorcycle riding techniques. .
If you have a question which has not been answered above, please contact us