Advanced motorcycle riding course
* Cornering skills- reading bends, vanishing point, approach speed, lines, gear selection, control & smoothness, counter steering and progression.
* “Sorry mate didn't see ya”- how to stop it happening to you.
* Roundabouts- safe straight lining technique, approach method, checks, timing concepts & stability.
* Overtaking skills- where, when and how, and several you can’t do in four wheels.
* Filtering skills- yes it’s legal, and this is how to make it safe, including slow control.
* Abort- what to do when things go a little wrong.
* The wet- how to deal with rain / wet weather or slippy roads. Skilled cornering in wet weather & control.

Corporate advanced motorcycle riding course.
Essentially an advanced motorcycle riding course delivered to groups. (using multiple CAT-ONE instructors). If you are a company, group or organisation responsible for the safety of a number of motorcyclists, you probably should be talking to us.

125 enhanced motorcycle rider training
* The basics, what you need to know to pass your test and move onto a larger machine.
* Getting the most out of a 125, handling skills, tips and tricks.
* What a DSA motorcycle instructor doesn’t tell you, that might just keep it shiny side up for a lot longer.

Confidence on a motorbike
A confidence builder for new or inexperienced motorcycle riders, bikers who have not ridden for many year or anyone who has had an unpleasant experience on two wheels. Time to build on the skills you already have.

Bespoke motorbike rider course
Normally conducted on a one to one basis, You tell us what skills you want to gain or enhance during the day, and we will design and develop the course around your requirements, focusing on building those motorcycling skills during the day.

All courses are run with a maximum ratio of three riders to a CAT-ONE instructor (125 enhanced can be a maximum of four to one) using radio tuition. You will need your legal motorcycle, (insured, taxed, MOT if applicable. for the 125 Enhanced you will also need a CBT certificate and display full sized L-Plates front and rear) but we have been known to beg and borrow 90-ONE Education rider Education 125 and 500cc machines in very rare circumstances.