Confident motorcycle riding

So you have a full (or restricted) motorcycle licence but you want a big shot of confidence (not available over the counter at your local pharmacy), but where do you go for extra motorcycle training?

Many motorcycle training schools are only interested in making money through CBT's, DAS or getting people through the motorcycle test. That's not really a lot of help if you already have a full motorcycle licence.

Confidence in riding a motorcycle or dealing with today's modern road conditions can be lost through a variety of reasons.
* Maybe you have not ridden for a few years (or more).
* You might of had a near miss or something frightening happened on the roads
* You or a friend or relative has had an accident

Well CAT-ONE have a solution. Because CAT-ONE instructors are professional (working full time in motorcycle training), highly experienced and have come across just about every situation, we are ideally situated to assist you in building confidence or getting back into motorcycling. The professional teaching and training techniques employed by the instructors will instantly put you at ease. Working at your pace we will guide you into safe confident riding

You might have read the above and still be worried especially if you have not ridden for some time. No problem. We can start off road at one of 90-ONE Education training sites, and get you used to riding the bike again in a safe off road environment and progress from there. "Rome wasn't built in a day" We progress at your pace to get you safely and confidently riding a motorbike again.

We can even arrange the hire of a motorcycle and all safety equipment.

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