125 Enhanced motorcycle rider training

OK, lets be frank. You have a CBT and ride a 125cc machine with L-plates and you want to get more from it.

so, the basic options are
* Learn to ride it better
* Pass your test and get a bigger machine
* Both of the above !

What the 125 Enhanced motorcycle rider training course gives you

Well, basically the training to achieve the above points
We go for a ride, work out how to improve things and practice it from their

We'll go through what's involved to pass your full (restricted) DSA motorcycle test, including
* What's expected from you in the module 1 test.
* What's involved in the module 2 road test.
* We check all aspects of your road riding and advise / correct any faults

Then we go a bit further. We'll look at some aspects of the advanced motorcycle riding techniques which can be incorporated into your riding without affecting you motorcycle test. This includes some handling and control tips, along with observation and perceptional skills. The results is a better smoother rider with the confidence and the knowledge of the basic test requirements.

Clearly you need your own road legal 125, both L-plates showing correctly and your other paperwork in order, as we spend quite a lot of time riding.

Remember all CAT-ONE motorcycle instructors are fully DSA (driving standards agency) qualified, have at least 20 years advanced motorcycle riding experience and come with a teaching, training and education background from 90-ONE Education. (See the About Page, it saves me typing it all out again:-)

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